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This is how much salary you may be losing by avoiding
advanced courses in math or science.
These are courses usually
necessary for entry into nontraditional fields for women.

If you look at the first example in the two charts below you will see that
$4 million is the difference between the annual salary of a dentist and a
dental assistant when multiplied over a work life time of 40 years.

The difference between a midwife and an obstetrician is even more.
This doesn't mean that you couldn't start with dental assisting as a choice
to help finance future education.  It may be a great first step.  
But see it as a first step to a larger goal.

Nontraditional careers are ones that women (and often minorities) have avoided.
These careers often involve science and math.   If you don't like these subjects,  
or think that you are not good at them   
take a closer look.

There are now a lot of resources available on and off campuses
to help you through. Career satisfaction and money are two important reasons
for you to strongly consider nontraditional careers.
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Dr. Strnad
Would you care for
$4 MILLION dollars or about
$100,000 per year?

Nope -
it's not a get rich quick scheme.

It's all about a few educational
& employment choices.

~ DUDE ~
You can so do this.

Check this out:

Brought to you by Dr. Kathleen Strnad & Washtenaw Community College

About $4 Million Dollars to be exact,
or $100,000 per year!!!

How much might you lose in salary alone?  
You would have lost anywhere from
$700,000 to $9.5 million dollars in salary alone.   
See this chart for details.

Traditional / Nontraditional   
Yearly Difference/ Over Lifetime  (in millions)
Dental Assisting / Dentist                      $101,000               $4.0

Nurse Practitioner / Physician                 $93,200               $3.7

Midwife / Obstetrician                            $130,000               $5.2

PT Aide /  Physical Therapist                  $32,000               $1.3

Dispensing Optician /Optometrist           $52,568              $2.1

Opthalmic Lab Tech / Opthalmologist  $237,000               $9.5

Accounting Clerk / CPA                           $30,000               $1.2

Data Clerk /  Computer Programmer     $17,600               $0.7

Floral Designer Architect                         $25,000               $1.0

About Nontraditional Careers

These are a few examples that show what frequently happens.

For instance, nurse practitioners and midwives do many of the same tasks that
the physicians do.

If a woman is going to spend 40 years working with patients, why not choose the
better paying career?

Though dentists and dental assistants do different things, they both work
in the same conditions with the same patients.

Many women who have good design skills often choose careers
like floral design or hairdressing rather than considering a career like

Women often take clerical jobs when they are equally capable of doing the work
of the men working in the next office.  Also, women have traditionally chosen
certain fields (like social work) over others (like chemical engineering).

Does the training for higher level jobs seem too expensive?

It is only a drop in the bucket when you look at the figures in
the charts.

If you choose wisely,
student loans are the best investment you can make.

Over time, salary increases are much larger at higher incomes.

Plus, discretionary income (the amount above what you need for necessities)
can be invested and will make much, much more than you see in the salary

Both of these more than offset the cost of training.

There are many other things to consider in career choice.
But, paying close attention to the differences in salary needs to be considered
right from the start.

The next thing to do is to plan to achieve the highest level that you
are able in a given field.

Not everyone has the abilities to become a surgeon, for instance.
But we know from the statistics that many women who could be excellent
surgeons have stopped off at a lower level of training.

So, the point is to set a goal toward the highest-level career
that suits your abilities.

Many thanks to Dr. Kathleen Strnad who compiled this information
and works tirelessly to encourage women to become their best.

Click here to see more from Dr. Strnad
at Washtenaw Community College
Dental Assisting  
Nurse Practitioner  
Physical Therapy Aide  
Physical Therapist  
Dispensing Optician
Opthalmic Lab Tech
Accounting Clerk
Computer Operator
$ 22,400
Floral Designer
Social Worker
Chemical Engineer

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There are
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The percentage of women
earning first professional degrees
has increased dramatically. For
example, in dentistry women
increased from less than 10
percent in 1970 to 36 percent in
1996; in medicine women
increased from less than 10
percent in 1970 to 41 percent in
1996; and in law women
increased from less than 10
percent in 1970 to 44 percent in

U.S. Department of Education, 1998 Digest of
Education Statistics